New Client Test Form

DUE TO STATE LAW AND INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS, ALL DOGS & CATS MUST BE CURRENT ON RABIES VACCINATION AND HAVE WRITTEN PROOF OF VACCINATION. To help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, ALL hospitalized and boarded animals must be current on all vaccinations. Vaccinations can be updated at the time of your appointment if it is not current.

Preferred Method of Payment: Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa AmEx, and Discover. We will gladly prepare a written estimate if you so desire. Please ask a receptionist or doctor. Professional fees are due at time services are rendered.

I understand every effort will be made to achieve a successful outcome for my pet. I hereby authorize this hospital to receive, prescribe for, treat or perform surgery upon any pet I present. Furthermore, I agree to pay fees for services rendered at the time the pet is discharged from the hospital or when the service is otherwise terminated. I agree to pay for the reasonable costs of collection in the event that collection efforts become necessary. I agree to pay amounts and charges incurred by myself and members of my family. I hereby waive my rights of exemption under the laws of Alabama and any other state. All accounts unpaid after 30 days receive a late charge computed at a periodic rate of 1.50% per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18.00% with a minimum monthly charge of $1.00. If I neglect to pick up my pet within 5 days of the discharge date and do not notify you within that time period, you may assume that the pet is abandoned and are hereby authorized to dispose of the pet as you deem best and/or necessary.


First Pet Information


First Pet Information

First Pet Vaccinations

Please note the dates the following vaccines/tests were given